Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, March 28th to Sunday, April 12th at Harpers Ridge Neighborhood
Homeowners easily hide several empty plastic eggs in your front yard.  Neighbors can either drive or walk around the neighborhood to seek the eggs in individuals yards. Please do not touch the eggs or go in neighbors yards.  This is a visual egg hunt from the street.  Hiders you can move your eggs around whenever you would like. This event starts Saturday March 28th and goes until Easter.  For all ages 0 to 100.  Thank you for participating.  
We are going on a bear hunt.
Saturday, March 28th to Thursday, April 30th at Neighborhood Wide
Place bears in your windows, porches, landscaping for children to drive by and seek and find.  Anderson County as a whole is doing this.
Neighborhood Yard Sale
Saturday, September 5th to Saturday, October 31st at Harpers Ridge Neighborhood
We should be having a Neighborhood wide garage sale in September or October.  TBD